Onlive Server Japan offers a custom-made server in Osaka and Tokyo areas. You can choose from over 20 features, such as bandwidth, CPU core, RAM/SWAP, or any other services according to your business needs. Onlive Server Japan VPS Server has many advantages over others such as low cost and high performance. In this article, we will give you some reasons why Japanese companies are choosing Onlive Server Japan for their business needs.

Free Control Panel and Management Server

A lot of companies prefer the control panel and management server, which are free. This makes it easier for them to manage their servers and also gives them an overview of all the available service options. They can see what kind of hardware is in use, their operating system, and what applications are installed on the server. The control panel also gives them a chance to easily monitor their traffic and other important information. It allows them to take advantage of various features such as bandwidth management or content filtering.

The management server also allows a company to easily update their software, fix any problems that may have occurred in their system, and even upgrade their operating system. This is especially useful if you are using Windows-based servers because you can easily install an upgrade version of its operating system without having to worry about system downtime or losing data from your website or application.

Full Root Access and 100% Guaranteed Resources

You might be wondering why Japanese companies are choosing Onlive Server Japan VPS server when there are hundreds of other providers with cheap packages. The answer is simple: full root access. This means that you have complete control over the server, you have the ability to install whatever software you like, and you have complete control over your infrastructure. This means that if you need to upgrade your server, or if anything goes wrong with it, it will not affect other systems on your network.

The second reason is the guarantee of resources. Do you know how it feels when you buy something online and end up with a faulty product? Well, we offer 100% guaranteed resources with our Onlive Server Japan VPS server so that if anything goes wrong with the server or if there are any issues related to our hosting service itself, we will fix it immediately without any hassle or delay.

Cheap VPS Hosting Plans in Japan

Onlive Server Japan offers cheap VPS hosting plans in Japan. We have the best VPS hosting plans in Japan with low prices and unlimited bandwidth. Our VPS hosting plans are available for everyone to choose from, whether you are a small business or a big corporation.

Our cheap VPS hosting plans in Japan will give you the freedom to choose your own hardware specs, RAM, and CPU as per your budget and requirements. You can also choose from our wide range of servers located at different locations around the world such as Singapore, the USA, Canada, and the UK.

The Onlive Server Japan provides top-notch service to ensure that all its customers get what they want from their server hosting experience. Our 24/7 customer support team is always available 24/7 to answer any queries related to our services or technical issues related to our servers.

The Flexible Server Backup Options

In the case of your server, you can choose to back up your data on a regular basis or even daily. This done by enabling the feature to back up the data automatically. The backup is done either via FTP or SFTP and can be accessed through SSH. You can also choose to schedule when it will be done so that it will not interfere with your business operations.

The ability to back up and restore your server means. That you can recover a broken server in no time at all. This is especially important if there are other servers on the same host that are not working properly. That you need them fixed as soon as possible.

The flexibility offered by this feature allows you to choose how often you want to back up your data and also how long it will take for the backup process to complete. Another interesting feature about this feature that it allows for full server access during the backup process which means that you will not have any downtime while this operation conducted on your server.

Another benefit of this feature is that it will allow you to keep track of all your important files so that if one ever gets lost or deleted, then there will be no need for an expensive search.

24×7 Technical Support

24×7 Technical Support is one of the most important features of any hosting provider. It ensures that if you have an issue with your server, you will get help from the support team immediately. In addition to this, if your server crashes and you lose any data, you can call the technical support team and ask for help.

The best part about Japanese VPS hosting providers is that they offer 24×7 technical support to all their customers. This means that even when you are not online. There is someone available to help you solve any problem or issue that may arise with your server.

With Onlive Server in Japan VPS Server, you’ll have access to features like Geo-restriction. They have different types of speed tests, such as ping time, connection status, and performance. So you can make sure that your dedicated server is up and running smoothly. You’ll also have access to different modes if you want to try out the platform at any time.