Domain Name Registration

You should remember that the most important step in creating a website is checking the domain name. Domain Name Registration can strengthen or destroy your brand. So I suggest you do your research before finalizing the domain name. Creating a website in India is very cheap.

 Domain name introduction

According to information from various sources, there are nearly 1 million websites in India. Corporations run by multinational corporations (MNCs), a growing number of online stores, central and state governments, banks and financial institutions, bloggers, educational institutions, newspapers, etc. Host a one-way website for very little money or even for free. Blogger, Tumbler, and other platforms allow you to create your free website there.

 What is a domain name?

This is your online brand. A good example is the well-known name Amazon. The company is called Onlive Server Hosting provider. Therefore the domain name is very important. To ensure you get an excellent domain name that is suitable for your business or personal use, you need to register with a leading domain name registrar.

Onlive Server offer domain name registration services, but the domain name must be hosted on their hosting platform. So, if you want to build a WordPress website with Onlive Server, this is an affordable solution. As of January 2020, it has been offering hosting services for 3,000,0 domains around the world.

Main features

Domain names are divided into popular domains, national domains, and special domains.

The cost of transferring the domain name varies depending on the extension of the domain name.

Additional services: offer different hosting packages like WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, proxy web hosting, etc.

Onlive Infotech

Onlive Infotech is a virtual host and website for domain name registration. It was founded in 2004 and was originally called Media Hosting. This is because initially only hosting packages were offered. However, it now offers domain names, website builders, etc. Check the domain name. Its services are spread across 39 countries and have more than 29 million users. Also, providing an affordable domain name extension is one of the benefits of Onlive Infotech.

Main features

  • ICANN Approved Domain Name Registrar
  • There are no fees for the data protection of the domain
  • You can transfer your domain name at low Price.
  • Email from Google Workspace at low Price.
  • Any mailbox.

Additional Services – You can get a free domain name through a hosting plan. Website builder deployment starting at low Price.

Get Live Experts

Get Live Experts is a dedicated domain name provider. Offers more than 400 domain extensions, including generic TLDs, new extensions, and country-specific extensions. Domain name registration websites. In addition, it offers attractive branded domain names for aspiring entrepreneurs at an affordable price. Along with domain registrars, Get Live Experts is also an excellent WP hosting company.

Main features

  • Get Live Experts offers free WHOIS domain privacy when you buy a domain.
  • A free subdomain is also included.
  • The cost of transferring the domain name may vary depending on the domain name extension.
  • G Suite email at low Price. Every user.
  • You can try E-Mail free of charge for one month.
  • Additional service: Use the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Spain Servers

Spain Servers is an ICANN-approved trusted domain registrar. It is one of the cheapest domain registration sites on the internet domain name registration sites. In addition, their domain services are simple and secure. In addition to providing domain names, the company also provides SSL certificates for virtual hosts, email services, and website builders.

Main features

Spain Servers provides Whois privacy for

multiple email services, starting at $ 2 / month.

For a single email address.

The cost of the domain name transfer may vary depending on the domain name expansion plan.

Additional Services: Web hosting services start at $ 2/ per month and website builders with drag-and-drop interface at low Price.

Germany Server Hosting domain name

Germany Server Hosting is another of the cheapest domain registration sites on our list. it also offers popular TLDs like .com, .me, website etc. In addition, it also has functions for blocking domains. This is how you can prevent unauthorized domain transfers.

Main features

Domain Privacy at low Price.

You can transfer your domain name at low Price.

Get G Suite emails at low Price.

Additional Services: Offer WordPress hosting from at low Price.

Plus, you can get a website builder starting at low Price.

Germany Server Host

Germany Server Host is another trusted domain name registration website that offers domain names at low prices. In addition to being a cheap domain name provider, it’s also a cheap hosting service provider that offers multiple hosting packages for businesses of different levels. Germany Server Host also provides an unlimited number of subdomains for your registered domain. With over 4 million domain names under management, it’s undoubtedly a good place to buy domain names.

Main features

Free Whois Privacy. Professional email addresses are free.

Plus, you can purchase additional feature-rich email plans at low Price.

The domain name transfer process is free, but you must pay an additional year of domain name renewal fees.

Additional Services: Website builders start at low Price.

Italy Server Hosting

is a web hosting company that has supported more than 1 million websites since 1998. In addition, it offers popular top-level domains (TLDs) at a reasonable price. In addition, buying a new domain name for your new project is also a great choice.

Main features

Domain Privacy at low Price.

The price for a G Suite email from Google Cloud at low Price.

Integration of SSL Certificates at low Price.

Additional Services: Virus, Malware, and Hacker Website Security Services at low Price.

USA Server Hosting

USA Server Hosting is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar that provides more than 300 domain name suffixes. In addition, it offers its customers security, speed, and excellent support.

Main features

The number of domain transfers varies depending on the domain extension.

Additional services: Control panel integration that makes it easier to register and manage your products.