Best Dedicated Server

Why Does Onlive Server Offer the Best Dedicated Server?

Onlive Server’s dedicated servers are also protected by the latest firewalls, to keep out viruses and other intruders. If you’re looking to buy the Best Dedicated Server, you’ve probably checked out several different providers. You might also have found yourself questioning whether there really was much of a difference between them all. The truth is that finding the Best Dedicated Server can be tricky, but Onlive Server provides everything you need to give your business the edge it needs, in terms of security, speed and flexibility. This includes great hardware, 24/7 expert support, and more.

Best Dedicated Server

How can Onlive Server guarantee a Best Dedicated Server?

Powerful CPUs mean fast response times, so your data is always secure and available. Our industry-leading Dedicated security stack protects against even zero-day attacks and exploits. Plus, our expert support team makes sure everything’s set up properly—and they’re available 24/7 if you need help with anything.

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Security Features

Each server is housed in a cutting-edge data center with around-the-clock security systems, multiple firewalls, plus physical as well as environmental controls—all certified to protect against natural disasters, power surges, and other unforeseen events. And each server comes preloaded with a broad range of enterprise applications such as MySQL or PostgreSQL database management, SQL web hosting, and e-commerce software so you can quickly get up and running.

Get a Linux VPS Hosting Package from Onlive Server

We offer a dedicated solution that doesn’t break your bank balance, which means you can get a high-quality Linux VPS Hosting package at an affordable price. Onlive Server provides next-generation hardware, Full Root Access, and Expert support. Next-Generation hardware lets you run your business or website with no issues and full root access allows you to install any software onto your VPS server and work on it as much as you want. Get in touch for more information about our Linux VPS Hosting packages. We know we have what it takes to be your go-to provider of Linux VPS Servers.

Technology Advancements

With that, we are breaking boundaries to introduce you to more exclusive features never before available at such affordable prices. Our servers come loaded with High-Performance SSD Hard Drives for maximum speed and reliability, Dual Xeon Processors for absolute performance and security tools Protection, and Optional Full Root Access for ultimate flexibility. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, all server plans include 24/7 expert technical support via phone, email, or live chat from a certified specialist so you get immediate attention whenever you need it.

Future Applications

Most people don’t realize that dedicated servers can be used for many types of applications. If you’re looking to set up a home server or a business server, dedicated servers are an ideal choice. They offer enhanced performance and full root access as well as personalized support services. Click here to view these products!

Backup Services

Utilizing a high-powered server is extremely critical in terms of guaranteeing business continuity. If your service goes down, it will have catastrophic effects on your clients and customers. Our professionals will help you choose backup services that are right for you in order to ensure that your best-dedicated server can function seamlessly at all times. With our help, we’ll get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We also support root access!


When choosing a best-dedicated server, your decision should be based on finding one that offers you value for money. The biggest differentiators of a dedicated server will be performance, reliability, and security. However, if you’re looking for something more advanced, such as professional networking or infrastructure management software, your choice may be more limited.