Cloud VPS Hosting

What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Many people consider cloud hosting to be something that’s out of their reach. They think that it is limited to big corporations with huge budgets. However, that’s a misconception. Onlive server hosts multiple Cloud VPS Hosting plan at very affordable prices. You can either choose a cloud VPS which matches your business needs or simply rent a server on an hourly basis if you only need servers for a short time period.

The cloud VPS comes with many benefits: full control over virtual private servers, high-performance CPU speed, automatic software installations, etc. It also features no hidden costs like bandwidth overage charges so your investment will be well protected from potential losses in the future. Choose any of our supported cloud service providers to get started now! Onlive server guarantees they will solve all your troubles regarding cloud VPS Hosting services. To find more information about our featured plans, feel free to contact us today by emailing email protected or call us directly. We are available 24/7 ready to provide you with customer support whenever necessary.

Which Cloud VPS is the Best for you?

Our team at Onlive Server Hosting Company would like to go over some tips that will help you find a good cloud VPS plan that works for you or your business.
First, consider how many users will need access to their instance concurrently. If it is only one person at a time, then single-user plans should work well. Otherwise, instances for teams would be more appropriate. Second Next, do you want flexibility in when upgrades happen?

Why use cloud VPS hosting?

There are many reasons why a business or a person would choose cloud VPS hosting over other types of cloud hosting. Some of these benefits are easy scalability, enhanced security, easy management, and little to no downtime at all. But what really makes companies choose Onlive Server Hosting over other companies is its affordability and reliability. If a company has high traffic on its website, then it’s highly recommended that they use cloud VPS server hosting. Many times, it will just be more cost-effective than doing their own hardware to do an array of servers needed for that high traffic load. An average small business may start off with say 10 servers but eventually, once they grow, they might need 100 or even 1,000 servers.

How is it different from shared Webhosting?

Shared web hosting means that your site will be hosted on a shared server alongside other websites. This means that if your website receives an unusually high number of visitors. Then it might slow down until you upgrade to a more powerful server. A virtual private server (VPS) allows you to share resources with other people who are running their own website.

But it gives all of these resources to just one person so that they are in complete control of everything. It’s ideal for many small businesses because it gives them greater flexibility than shared hosting and greater security than a shared server. The downside is that VPS plans cost more than regular shared hosting and can be hard to maintain without technical knowledge or IT support. Because of these two points, some users prefer simpler cloud services like WordPress where they simply sign up and pay, rather than having to manage servers themselves.

Benefits of using cloud Hosting –

Easy to Start When You Have Little or No Technical Experience,

Scalability and Elasticity Without the Cost of Additional Hardware

Ability to Restart in Minutes and Migrate Across Multiple Server Locations Quickly,

Reduce Downtime with Automated Monitoring and Alerting,

Reduce IT Operations Costs By 75%,

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Conclusion –

Companies like Onlive Server are working to bring affordable cloud hosting solutions. To businesses of all sizes, by combining the best of dedicated and virtual hosting. Cloud VPS Hosting is definitely a growing field, and one that has even begun entering the mainstream consciousness: recent developments in technology have made it virtually indistinguishable in speed and function compared to traditional dedicated hosting. That makes Onlive Server an attractive option