What is Dubai VPS Server?

A virtual private server, or VPS, provides an individual with all the benefits of an entire computer system. A company can have multiple servers dedicated to various projects without purchasing and maintaining each one itself. By renting a Dubai VPS Server from Onlive Server, they’ll receive all of their benefits and more. Here are some key features that make it so special. Multiple IP Addresses: With each Dubai VPS server you rent, you get as many IP addresses as you need. You also have complete control over these addresses; if you want to move your website to another IP address in order to expand your reach across several markets, you can do so whenever necessary. Easy Access: Once you rent a Dubai VPS server from Onlive Server, access becomes simple and easy.

How does it work?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an emulation of a physical server. This means that, with only one hardware, you can run multiple websites or applications. At Onlive Server, a Dubai VPS server provider and hosting company, we offer you complete control over your server’s virtualization system and much more. With our extensive list of top-notch features and services. We ensure to take care of your business on every level possible. How do we do it? Let us explain! First off, we allow you to choose from a variety of operating systems–Windows, Linux, and UNIX are all available. Once you choose an OS for your Dubai VPS server, then you will install any type of software; simply use SSH or Talent in order to connect and upload files directly onto your own server space.

Increase speed with the help of the Dubai VPS Server

When it comes to looking for ways to increase your website’s speed, using one of our powerful, low-cost VPS servers can make all of your wildest dreams come true. The cloud computing solutions we offer deliver plenty of power and flexibility, giving you peace of mind that your website will continue to perform even if it takes off in popularity. With Onlive Server, there are no worries about having enough space or bandwidth for your site; instead, you can concentrate on building your site up into something truly spectacular. You also don’t have to invest in additional hardware because our blazing fast servers can give any other dedicated server a run for its money—there that fast! The possibilities are endless with Onlive Server.

Some Benefits of using Dubai VPS Server

You need to offer your website, visitors, reliable service. Although there are many methods for offering hosting services, reaching as many customers as possible can be challenging. One way of doing so is by utilizing VPS hosting, which allows websites to outsource some of their processes while continuing to use their own resources when needed. However, it’s difficult to know what separates good from bad providers in terms of pricing, plans, and support.

24/7 Technical Support

When you register your VPS, we will assign you a dedicated customer support rep. So whenever you have an issue, someone will be there to provide help. All customer service reps are based in Dubai, ensuring language and cultural barriers don’t get in your way of getting help when you need it.


A virtual private server provides you with more disk space, bandwidth, and resources so that you can grow your business. If you have growing traffic demands and require more resources on your website, then choose a scalable option as per your demands. This makes it easy for you to scale your storage and bandwidth up or down as needed. You’ll also receive free setup and free domain registration along with any other web hosting plan.


Whether you want to host an existing website or use it as a data center for your business, choosing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) can help give you complete control over your data. With an OnLive Server shared hosting account, you get root access to dedicated servers that allow complete freedom. In fact, many people still believe that having root access to their server allows them full control of their hosting services.

Onlive Server Also Provides Dubai Dedicated Server

The best thing about choosing Onlive Servers. It provides Dubai dedicated Server for your business is that it’s affordable yet has all essential features such as Backup, Monitoring, and Security. The things you get from them are much better than those you get from other hosting companies in UAE. What else would you need in a Cheap Dubai Dedicated Server provider? If you find any other service providing company lacking in any of these aspects, choose to avail their services for sure. Good luck with your very own Dubai web hosting company!