Malaysia VPS Server

Malaysia VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Server is the only provider of Malaysia VPS Server Hosting Plans in the industry. We offer the top-notch and safest VPS Server Hosting services. A web server is a unique Internet resource that can improve a business website’s operations. The websites of a corporation are quite important for boosting a business organization’s earnings. Business organisations use their websites to notify customers about recently introduced goods or services.

VPS server is one of the best web servers in the 21st century, responsible for the highest growing business organizations. Malaysia VPS Hosting is an excellent VPS server with immense potential for rapid business growth.

Specification of VPS Server

VPS server is a unique invention of modern science and technology. A physical server controls the VPS server and its working pattern. Each virtual machine is separated by a virtual partition for which no virtual machine can see the activities of other virtual machines. Each virtual machine can enjoy its privacy and uniqueness when controlled by a single server.

The hypervisor is the unique operating system of a VPS server that controls multiple VPS servers at a time. Each virtual machine can set up its storage device, RAM, CPU and disk space as per its requirement.

Comparison between Shared Server and VPS Server

A shared server and a VPS server are two types of well-known web servers in the 21st century. But it would be best if you tried to choose a VPS server for the following reasons-

  • A shared server is like an apartment with multiple flats available and using a common terrace. Thus under a shared server, no one can maintain their data privacy. But some cheap VPS hosting behaves like a shared server.

VPS servers have many security tools such as VPN and firewall. These security tools can provide additional protection to website data. Thus, no other VPS user can view your data without your permission.

  • But the VPS server is perfect for those who want to store their data safely and securely. Therefore it is a highly secure web server compared to a shared server.
  • In shared servers, users cannot store massive data due to lack of storage. But in a VPS server, users can securely hold confidential data. RAM, CPU, Disk Space and SSD is the unique storage device of the VPS server, which is required to store a large amount of data.
  • A shared server may be suitable for small-scale or start-up business organizations, but a VPS server is perfect for large-scale and medium-scale business originations.
  • A shared server may not be effective for e-commerce and gaming portals. In this case, Malaysia VPS hosting is the right choice for you.

Specification of SSD in VPS Server

SSD or Solid-State Drive is a unique storage solution for VPS servers. SSD is entirely different from traditional HDD. In HDD, users may face huge problems regarding the sound of this device. But you cannot avail of SSD from any cheap VPS hosting.

SSD has much free disk space to store large amounts of data simultaneously. The SSD does not produce any excessive sound during operation. You will need to update the SSD within a few months to increase the capacity and effectiveness of the SSD. SSD can work under any operating system, be it Linux or Windows. Malaysia VPS Hosting can provide the benefits of SSD storage to its users.

Reasons to use a Managed VPS Server Hosting Plans

VPS server is available in two categories. One is a managed VPS server, and the other is an unmanaged VPS server. Both differ according to their work structure.

  • In Managed Malaysia VPS Server Hosting, users can access their VPS servers fully. Users can increase the loading speed of their website after using a managed VPS server.
  • Users do not need to update their software and other applications frequently. The VPS server provider performs this task on behalf of its clients. Thus, it is helpful for managed VPS users.
  • But some managed VPS server providers behave like cheap VPS hosting, which creates significant problems for VPS users. Thus choosing an authentic VPS service provider is essential.
  • Managed VPS Server customers can provide 24/7 support to their customers. It can help VPS users to resolve any technical issue in a matter of minutes. It is necessary; To maintain reputation and goodwill in the digital world.
  • You don’t need to hire additional IT experts to control your VPS server. Managed VPS server providers do not cover all the technical aspects of VPS servers.