Hong Kong VPS Server

What qualities do you seek in a Hong Kong VPS server? Do you require quick scaling down capabilities in addition to high-speed performance? Do you prefer hosts that are close to your audience, or are you willing to travel further if lower pricing are crucial? Maybe you’re seeking for dependability, or maybe speed and cost are more important to you. Asking the appropriate questions and getting the correct answers from Onlive Server is the best method to identify the ideal Hong Kong VPS Server host for your requirements.

What exactly is an outsourced server?

Many businesses outsource their IT because it’s cheaper and gives them more time to work on the core of their business. When a company does this, they’re either hiring an IT firm to run their servers for them or choosing a shared Hong Kong VPS Server with one or more other companies who share resources and electricity costs. Shared Hong Kong VPS servers are only beneficial when the cost savings outweigh the drawbacks that come from going with a middleman (i.e., if you are running many high-traffic sites). Onlive Server offers Hong Kong Virtual Private Servers that don’t require any setup and use less than 1% of the energy used by traditional data centers, giving you all the benefits of a dedicated server without any potential drawbacks.

What makes Onlive Server better than its competitors?

The good thing about Onlive Server is that they have a professional team to provide 24/7 support which means you’ll be getting a response within minutes of sending in a ticket. These guys know their stuff, and they have a well-designed site that makes everything easy to find without any hidden fees. I’m happy with the customer service experience I’ve had so far and it’s great knowing that no matter what happens, I won’t be left hanging out to dry!

Why choose a Hong Kong-based server instead of a China or US server?

When you start to really scale and grow your business, server reliability can be a major concern. However, if you choose a China or US-based server provider, there are two huge risks that come with it: firstly, if anything should happen in the country like pandemic outbreaks or power outages (which do happen from time to time), there’s the possibility of a server outage. Secondly, US and China servers will throttle your data limit in terms of speed limits. If you want to make sure that stability and speed are never an issue again while keeping costs low at the same time, Onlive Server is here to help.

How does it work

When you start an online business website, one of the most difficult aspects to manage is the server and what programs are available. This can be a time-consuming process as well because not only do you have to install these programs but it also involves some level of maintenance in order to keep them running correctly. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) solves this problem by renting physical server space on a data center’s infrastructure and using virtualization software to offer remote access. Onlive Server is a Hong Kong-based VPS provider that excels at offering high-end services at reasonable prices. These services include Unmetered Bandwidth with 1Gbps Connection, a 100% Uptime Guarantee, and 24/7 Technical Support.

How are they different from other web hosting services?

Setting up a website hosting server can be a daunting task, with the number of companies out there it is difficult to find one that is right for you. There are many Hong Kong web hosting services on the market, but not all are created equal. With Onlive Server’s user-friendly interface and tailored packages, finding the right web hosting plan just got easier. Whether you need an email service provider or full-scale VPS hosting in Asia, the company can meet your web hosting needs. What makes us different from other companies? They have built its reputation over time by providing cost-effective solutions that work. Their servers are affordable and offer live customer support in both English and Chinese throughout their 24/7 service hours so technical issues can be solved quickly without wasting time or money!

Will I have to pay extra if I need a dedicated IP address/DNS hostname etc.?

An Onlive Server Hong Kong account offers a wide range of features to get the most out of your web hosting experience. Dedicated IP addresses and DNS hostnames are included in all three server packages, at no extra cost. You also have a choice between US Data Centers (West, Midwest, or East Coast) to place your cloud computing assets. This means that you can take advantage of faster and more reliable service anywhere in the world!

If you’d like to avoid billing surprises and purchase on one upfront invoice, use our credit card service. Purchase an Onlive Server account with confidence knowing that you will billed only once payment has confirmed by the issuing bank.

What kind of support can I expect from my server (Hong Kong)?

The support staff helpful and knowledgeable, and can usually reached by phone during normal office hours. They will go the extra mile to help you solve any issue that you are having. Onlive Server also has live chat where you can ask questions without getting on the phone. In addition, it also has a user forum where users of the same server or plans can answer each other’s questions and provide advice. And if none of those work, then their email response time is usually 24 hours or less so that you won’t have to wait too long for help.

How much RAM do I get with my server (Hong Kong)?

When choosing the RAM of your server (Hong Kong), it important to think about how many people will access the server and what kind of tasks will do on it. If you are unsure, check out our estimator below. Simply enter how many users and what type of traffic/usage you are expecting to get an idea of which plan will best suit your needs. Keep in mind that Onlive’s pay-as-you-go billing structure means that scaling up or down is as easy as changing a setting in the control panel.

Do they offer one-click apps like WordPress or cPanel etc.?

Not only do we offer one-click apps, but our on-site support engineers can assist with installing any software. If you don’t have the time or know-how to get started, we’ll be glad to help!

  1. Customers can use the built-in server monitoring system to check and maintain their own servers.
  2. Onlive Server has a 24/7 customer service hotline that customers can access at any time. When customers need assistance with troubleshooting, they can call us up and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will guide them through the process.

What about security, what measures have taken to keep things safe from hackers, etc.?

When choosing Onlive Server, you can rest assured that we take security as a major priority. We take every possible measure to ensure that data is safe and secure from prying eyes. Data encryption is imperative; one of the measures we have taken is to provide our customers with complete safety and security. Security measures aside, one of the biggest reasons to choose Servers is the fact that we employ the most up-to-date technology in the field of data hosting and management. One important feature of our new state-of-the-art facility a closed air circulation system, which ensures that no pollutants allowed in. This system also prevents overheating problems as well as fire hazards, thus protecting both data and equipment.


Onlive Server offers some fast and reliable servers with a wealth of features that we thoroughly enjoyed. The company’s package selection is comprehensive, and its customer support team is highly active in the community, helping to address your issues as quickly and politely as possible. Their one-click solution manager makes system administration a breeze, letting you optimize the server for whatever kind of operation you have in mind. Overall, we found Onlive Server to be an excellent solution for both beginners and advanced users alike, and we definitely recommend them if you’re looking for Hong Kong VPS Server hosting!