Cheap WordPress Hosting

About Cheap WordPress Hosting – Onlive Server

Cheap Word Press Hosting means when a hosting company handles the setup, management, and support of a Server. Fully Management services vary from host to host but typically include operating systems updates. A lot of websites opt for WordPress Hosting due to the quality of service and reliability. If you were to choose Cheap WordPress Hosting as your website host, you will have some different options to choose from.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Types of Cheap WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress Hosting:

 Virtual private servers are suitable for bloggers, developers, and mid-level users looking to scale up their websites. Users have full control of their servers. You get lots of privacy features. It is also the best WordPress hosting solution for blogs with high traffic.

Shared WordPress Hosting: 

The most popular WordPress Hosting plan. Suitable for new bloggers/businesses. It is very affordable. It involves a situation whereby many websites share a big Server. Users get unlimited resources & facilities. This option is the best WordPress hosting for starting bloggers and small businesses.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting:

 Good for established websites with the resources to employ system administrators. Requires software updates.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

 Works only for WordPress-powered blogs and websites. Its providers help clients do all the work to make their websites profitable. It is stressful free and clients get amazing support from the hosting providers.

Free WordPress Hosting:  Usually sold by resellers of shared hosting plans. Free WordPress comes with a lot of risks and uncertainties. It leaves you at the mercy of the resellers. This type of hosting is unreliable and isn’t suitable for serious bloggers and businesses. It is mainly used as a trial to check out the nature of the WordPress hosting.

Who should use Cheap WordPress Hosting?

If you make your website using WordPress, you’ll benefit hugely from using WordPress Hosting. It Hosting services integrate perfectly with websites built with WordPress and will improve your site’s functioning, security, and offer automatic updates. You can use Cheap WordPress Hosting if you have a WordPress website. We often provide always fully managed and cheap WordPress Hosting Services. This is an ideal choice for those with limited time or experience with running a website.

What’s the difference between WordPress Hosting and Webhosting?

The main difference between WordPress Hosting and Webhosting is that web hosting is much broader & suitable, Which WordPress Hosting refers to specifically tailored to WordPress Website.

Web Hosting is a more generalized service and refers to any hosting service that stores a website’s data on a server to make the site live on the Internet. It caters to a wide range of website builders, and the websites stored on one of their servers operate on different platforms. While WordPress Hosting is a specific niche in web hosting. WordPress also uses shared servers to host multiple websites at once but, unlike web hosting, it is fully secure. A WordPress Hosting host specifically to WordPress website installs and offers customized solutions. And also support optimized for your website performance

How to choose the cheap WordPress Hosting option for your website?

With over much more web hosting service providers available in World. With over much more web hosting service providers available in World. It is so difficult to choose the right one for your business website especially if you’re still thinking about WordPress hosting. Then options have their benefits and are available from a wide range of providers in a variety of services. To choose the best option for your website or server, always keep in mind the key things a business needs in a web hosting service:

  • Dedicated 24/7 hours technical customer support
  • Supported domain name registration
  • Basic security features
  • 100% Uptime guarantee
  • Full Root Access on Server and much more.

 Pros of Cheap WordPress Hosting – Onlive Server

Improved performance and High Security:

Basically, to shared hosting where speed is divided among all users, Cheap WordPress Hosting provides good uptime and loading time faster for your website. And you have the complete right to get the full extent of the speed that is offered.  And your website will run evenly and you don’t have to be concerned about negative reviews from the customer. Besides, fast website speed can decrease a website’s page loading time by a few seconds, which is quite a lot by today’s standards.

Easy to integrate SSL Certificates:

Once a secure connection is formed, all web traffic between the web server and the website will be fully secure. And managed WordPress has made it unbelievably easy to add an SSL certificate to your site.

Generally, the process to install an SSL certificate involves a lot of resources between your hosting provider and the certificate provider. Cheap WordPress Hosting has played an important role in making SSL Certificates easy to install and accessible to all website owners. If you want an advanced SSL certificate, Onlive Server can help you to get that setup.

Automatic backups:

If you running your website for a couple of months or a year and then, without any warning, your website falls for some reason. In such cases, if you don’t have any of your Website’s backups. What do in these situations? Select the best option Onlive Server.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Conclusion –

The Cheap WordPress Hosting Service providers like Onlive server offer some of the best hosting services for online businesses and start-ups. Such as – Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Cloud VPS Server, Buy Windows VPS Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, etc., and more servers services.