Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Cheapest Dedicated Server

In present days online business is going to at peak point with the help of Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting. Onlive Server offers Server Hosting Services there is more security and reliability of having your website running on a dedicated server. Our Dedicated Server Hosting allows running almost all type of script and software applications. Beside that Onlive Server expert team will always be monitoring your dedicated server to ensure that your site is running smoothly. That is one of the best reasons why you require a Dedicated Server.

Fully Customizable High Performance Dedicated Servers with Onlive Server

  • Provide Customization Option for the best server fitting your budget and performance needs.
  • Select SSDs for performance or HDDs for higher capacity.
  • Large RAM options to meet the performance needs of your application.

 Best Dedicated Server Hosting – A Fast, Secure, and Reliable Network

  • 999% Network Uptime
  • Provide Powerful Hardware.
  • Protection from today’s online attacks with Great DDoS Protection Support.
  • Provide SSL Certification, Private DNS, Email, and FTP services
  • Basically, our Network Spread approx 30 Countries.
  • Handle heavy loaded website traffic, faster file transfers, and the potential for a higher number of concurrent connections with the help of our Network.

Cheapest Dedicated Server -Managed High-Traffic E-Commerce Website

As your Business grows, so does the traffic and Load is an increase in your site. When you are using Shard hosting then soon your site will slow down or even freeze when the server’s capacity is exceeded. But in a case of Dedicated Server by the you will be safe and secure because, in a dedicated server, you don’t need to share. You are free to use a server as per your needs and to handle your heavy loaded traffic websites.

If you want to get the complete control over on your server then select dedicated server hosting. On other hands, if you need more resource to manage your online business than also you can go with Dedicated Server Hosting. That allows you to run almost any type of Complex Website, software and supports various types of scripting languages.

When an individual or business rents a dedicated server from a hosting company, it’s typically for one of two reasons:

  • To host a high-traffic, resource intensive website
  • To host a high-traffic, resource intensive application.

Need 24*7 Help?

Here you can get the proper technical support and if you have any query related our Cheapest Dedicated Server Packages than check our website We provide great uptime to all our customers and also ensure that all your issues get resolved within a certain period of time and our dedicated servers are the best for businesses or business individuals who are of the feeling that they businesses are ready to get to the next new level. Our dedicated support team offers services through Phone: +91-9718114224 email, Skype: ONLIVEINFOTECH and Live chat, 24X7.