UK Dedicated Server

Our UK Dedicated Server is built with the latest technology, so you can be sure that it will perform well in any situation. We have a team of experts who are available 24/7 to help you out when you need it most. Furthermore, we also offer great value and affordable prices that won’t break your budget, so please contact us today.

All of our servers are built with the latest technology, making them the best for your business. We have invested heavily in our network and IT infrastructure to ensure that all of our servers run smoothly and efficiently. Our dedicated server hosting offers a reliable, secure, and scalable platform to support your business.

A dedicated Server is a virtual server. Which means you will be running your own unique operating system on your hardware. This means that we can customize the hardware and software to suit your needs. The Dedicated Server packages are built using the latest technology and we offer all types of configuration options. Our UK Dedicated Server is available in different configurations, sizes, and memory options. All our dedicated servers come with 24/7 support, free upgrades and maintenance packages as well as free setup. UK Dedicated Server is equipped with Intel Xeon processors. The servers are managed by experienced professionals who ensure optimal performance for all our clients. We have also adopted redundant power supplies and UPS systems. To provide uninterrupted power supply to our customers during power outages or blackouts.

What is a dedicated server?

A UK dedicated server is a computer or group of computers that have been set aside to be exclusively used by one person or company. They can be rented from various providers and are often more reliable than shared hosting because they are specifically tailored to your needs. A shared hosting provider has many customers, making it more difficult for them to offer you top-quality service and support when needed.

The best part of renting a UK dedicated server is that it’s customizable. You can choose how much bandwidth and disk space you need, where your server will be located, what operating system you want to be installed on it, and much more. This makes it easy for anyone to find a package that fits their budget and needs.

What are you waiting for?

Head over to our website and fill out an order form to rent a UK dedicated server from us today! Our customer support team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. After that, you can start building your own amazing business!

How dedicated servers work

A dedicated server can be thought of as a computer that you own and have full control over. You are not sharing it with anyone else, and you have complete access to all of its resources. This type of hosting service provides a level of stability and performance unmatched by other hosting types.

The downside?

 It was not cheap. That’s why many small-to-medium sized businesses opt for shared hosting services. Which use a single physical server to support multiple websites (or hosts) at the same time – or virtual private servers. Where multiple users share one physical server but each has their own software instance for their website or app.

 In short, a dedicated server offers stability and performance for high-traffic sites. It’s usually recommended for enterprise clients or websites that get lots of traffic and need to host large files – such as videos, images, or digital downloads. If you’re starting up a website from scratch or want to scale up your existing one so it can handle more traffic without slowing down. Then a dedicated server may be right for you. However, if you just want to create a basic site – perhaps one where users interact via comments rather than uploading files – then shared hosting could be a better option.

The benefits of dedicated hosting

A dedicated server gives you full control of your hosting environment. Giving you the ability to configure it without worrying about impacting other sites or causing downtime. You also have full control over installing any software you wish. In contrast, shared hosting usually means that all of the sites on a particular server share resources and space. Which can lead to compromises in performance. With a dedicated server. Your site will be running on an entire machine dedicated just for your use and won’t have to compete with other sites for resources.

With our UK Dedicated Server, you have control of your server and can set it up any way you like. We have a wide range of options to suit different needs, so whatever your situation. We’ll be able to provide a solution that meets your requirements. You’ll also get full access to 24/7 expert technical support from our team when you need it. So if anything goes wrong, our experts will be ready to help. Our mission is to ensure that all of our customers are completely happy with their experience, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions.

Why choose us for your dedicated hosting?

We are a UK-based hosting company, so if you’re looking for a server in Britain then we have the perfect package for you. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest dedicated servers, and our packages come with plenty of RAM to give your site. All the resources it needs, and we also provide 24/7 customer support should you need any assistance from us as well as some of the best prices on dedicated servers that you’ll find anywhere.

Onlive Server offer a range of options for people. Who want to buy dedicated servers from us, from one-time purchases to monthly subscriptions. You can even rent one if you’re not ready to commit and want to see how it goes first!

 We have a wide range of locations across Britain from which you can choose when it comes to your server, so no matter where you are located we can help. Whether you want something in London, or Cardiff we have a datacentre that can help serve your needs. We also offer plenty of helpful features, such as KVM virtualization and SSD storage on every package to ensure that your site has everything it needs to perform well. If there’s anything else you need just let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

Free setup

All of our UK Dedicated Server Hosting comes with a free setup for your convenience. We also offer different packages so you can choose one that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you want to run a website, host email, or offer a game server, we have an option that will suit you!

Free installation is available for our Onlive Server. You can set up the server in a matter of minutes and start hosting your websites or applications. You don’t need to worry about hardware requirements or software requirements. As we provide you with everything you need to get started.

All you need to do is choose your plan, click on the order button. Enter your payment information and wait for 24 hours to receive your order confirmation email. If you want to know more about our server plans or services, please feel free to contact us anytime.